Secrets of the World Class



Secrets of the World Class is both a short inspirational video and a beautiful coffee table book published by the people at Simple Truths.  While I have no affiliate connection with Simple Truths, I truly enjoyed the important message in this video.  In fact, I have recently purchased a number of these little coffee table books to keep around as a daily reminder of their important messages.

Click on the image above to view the video on the Simple Truths website.

Screw Limiting Beliefs-Go For Your Greatness

Over the past few years, we have been hounded with the message that if we desire wealth, success and self-fulfillment, we must somehow eliminate our “Limiting Beliefs.” I just posted a video which will be permanently displayed on it’s own dedicated page on this site in which Brendon Burchard completely contradicts this traditional guru message. He eloquently states that this is utter rubbish and that instead of concentrating on working on these so-called limiting beliefs, we should concentrate on our own innate greatness if we ever expect to achieve our dreams of wealth, success and self-fulfillment.

Either click here or on the Beyond Limiting Beliefs tab at the top of  this page.

Financial disclosure: I have no financial connection to Brendon, I do however, strongly believe in this message.

Hello from Stan

After my primary site was destroyed by hackers, I decided that just giving you more and more reviews of what is seemingly and endless array of copycat programs, I decided that it was time to start publishing the research that I have been doing in the realm of personal excellence and living the life of your dreams-achieving all of the true wealth, success and self-fulfillment that you could ever desire.

While I may occasionally review a new program if it provides something that is actually new and effective but in all honesty on the old WSR site over a period of 6 years I only found a handful of programs that actually delivered on their promises. You will find my affiliate links to those programs on the banners on the right hand side of this page.  In addition, I will post a new page on each of these programs telling you why I chose each of these programs and what I believe it will do for you.  Each of these programs although they all aim to  improve your life are different as there is no such thing as one size fits all so I have chosen these programs as I believe that one of them may be right for you.

Most of this site will be dedicated to the research in personal excellence that I have been doing and if you follow my posts closely, you may never need to buy any personal development program at all. I will be covering everything from the ancient practice of meditation to things like hypnosis, NLP, BrainWave Entrainment, new research on self-esteem, fMRI brain scans and the latest from the world of neuroscience.